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Web Analytics工具允许您通过时间基准测试用户行为和跟踪性能

Web Analytics工具为什么重要?

Web Analytics工具允许您追踪访问者在您的网站上的位置,他们在每页上花费多长时间以及它们如何与您的网站或应用程序互动。这允许您了解更多关于您的潜在客户,并衡量,分析和报告您的流量。Web Analytics工具应答四个关键问题:

  1. Who visits your website – in terms of number of visitors and their characteristics?
  2. 您的访客来自哪里 - 流量来源?
  3. 访问者在访问您的网站时会做什么 - 他们访问哪些页面?
  4. 他们之后他们在哪里 - 如果您有与其他网站的链接(例如,您是联盟)?


This is useful to know so that you can begin to measure the effectiveness of your marketing campaigns and the performance of your website. Unless you measure something you won’t know if you are getting better or not and what changes to make to improve performance and revenues. This means using web analytics tools to set benchmarks and start monitoring changes over time. Web analytics tools allow you to measure:

  • How many visitors land on your site every day?
  • Your audience and their demographic profile – the gender mix, their age, what are their interests?
  • 您的访客是否来的地理位置是什么?如城市或国家?
  • What proportion of your visitors are new or returning visitors?
  • Audience behaviour – engagement levels and frequency of returning to your site?
  • What browsers are they using? Important to know so that you ensure you support old browsers if lots of your visitors are still using them.
  • 技术 - 您的访客使用和屏幕分辨率是哪些设备?再次非常有用,因为您希望根据访问者的设备和屏幕尺寸优化您的网站。
  • Landing and exit pages – what are they?
  • Which is your most popular content – which pages do they visit most? Critical for prioritising effort and A/B testing.
  • Which channels drive most visitors to your site – organic, direct, referral, paid, social?
  • 哪个广告系列为您的网站生成大多数访问者?
  • Referrals – Which domains are generating most visitors for your site.
  • 访问者使用的关键字查找您的网站。

Google Analytics受众概述报告


You can compare website traffic against your key competitors on metrics such as bounce rate, time on site and source of traffic by using a网站观众比较工具。这些工具使用ISP,面板和其他来源收集的信息跟踪竞争对手网站流量和人口统计数据。

使用Web Analytics工具设置目标:

这是所有有趣的信息,但最重要的是您是否正在实现您的业务目标。Web Analytics工具允许您设置组织目标以测量性能随着时间的推移,并识别​​您可能不实现它们的原因。

One of the main tasks ofconversion rate optimisationis to align each individual webpage with the relevant business objective. So for instance if you have an e-commerce site you will want to set up goals that lead towards a sale, such as view a product page, add to basket, enter checkout and finally complete a sale.

对于博客来说,您将对参与度量更感兴趣,例如在网站上花费的时间和所查看的页面数。一旦您确定了您的密钥指标,您可以设置自动报告以监控您的conversion rates开始调查发生的任何变化。


接下来,您需要更好地了解您的访客行为,以识别用户旅行,以及是否可以通过对您的网站进行更改来提高目标成就。你应该监控跳出率and page load speed times to ensure any changes you make to your website don’t put visitors off browsing your site.

Google Analytics行为流程报告


One of the most useful benefits of web analytics is the ability to look at the visitors’ path to purchase so that you can identify the drop-off rates at each step in the journey. You will be able to see if any particular stage is more problematic than the others so that you can consider what changes might help reduce this leak in the conversion funnel.

Image of conversion funnel report from Woopra.com analytics


然后,您应该开始调查漏斗中每个步骤的转换率是否在我们刚列出的一些指标上变化。这可能会强调您的网站不是用户对小屏幕上的访问者友好,或者您的网站在某些浏览器中没有正确渲染。然后你可以使用众多之一cross-browser testing tools查看可能导致问题的原因。

如果德国的整体转换率明显低于英国,并且没有明显的原因是您可能想要审核您的副本,因为德语往往使用比英语和直接翻译更多的字符,有时可能无法允许本地文化差异。A/B testshave shown that cultural differences can influence how visitors respond to a user interface and so ideally web optimisation needs to allow for设计与行为的文化偏好

Crossbrowsertesting.com homepage

Source of Traffic:

Web Analytics工具可以告诉您流量来自哪个频道,频道更好地转换。如果您正在支付交通,这有助于您了解您是否正在获得合理的投资回报。再次调查为什么您看到转换率的差异,以试图和解它是否与您的网站或每个频道的流量的性质有关。

Google Analytics报告的图像显示转换率

使用Web Analytics工具查找破碎的东西:


使用大多数订阅Web Analytics,您可以设置每天通过电子邮件发送给您的自动报告,以帮助您监控您的密钥指标。这将节省您每天登录,并允许您即使在办公室时也会监控网站性能。

Web Analytics工具 - 建议:

I’ve used all the most popular web analytics tools on the market from IBM Core Metrics, Adobe Analytics to Google Analytics. The clear winner for me is the free version ofGoogle Analytics因为它是迄今为止最直观的解决方案,它在报告中快速,很少延迟,它与其他工具如此轻松集成。根据文档的支持是秒数,并且在网络上有丰富的建议,因为许多专业优化者用户。


18 Website Analytics Tools Compared:


1.Adobe Analytics- 营销云:

以前的Omniture / SiteCatalyst。Adobe Marketing Cloud是市场上最受欢迎的Web Analytics工具之一。具有电子商务站点的企业解决方案,您可以与Adobe完全集成测试和目标A / B,多变量测试和个性化平台。

A comprehensive suite of features, including mobile, ad-hoc analysis, and the ability for real-time and rule-based decision-making tools to target key customer segments.



这本身就像一个行为分析解决方案,因为它的重点是跟踪事件而不是简单的访客。幅度提供了对用户行为的实时监控和无限的单独用户时间表。Pathfinder, their user flow analysis, allows you to better understand how visitors navigate through your site or app by visualising the aggregate paths that they take.

行为核对功能允许您根据他们所拥有或未在您的网站上拍摄的操作来定义一组用户。然后,您可以在整个分析中申请队列,了解不同的行为如何影响特定的KPI,例如保留和收入。这显微镜特性允许您单击任意点在一个字符t and create a cohort of everyone who did or did not take a certain action to investigate what is driving their behaviour.






实时网络分析工具with an extensive range of features including data at an individual visitor level, on-site analytics, heatmaps, up-time monitoring, a flexible API, Twitter analytics, Google search rankings, video analytics and big screen mobile mode.自由for single websites.

Clicky.com Analytics主页的图像













默认值适用于许多组织的Web分析工具的选项。它是免费的,是最受欢迎的Web分析工具,有一个常量的帖子,了解如何获得Google Analytics的最佳帖子。我对谷歌分析的热爱是用户界面是直观的,因为它来自Google它与SEO工具等其他Google解决方案非常轻松地集成Google Search Console, their A/B testing tool谷歌优化andadsense.


Ensure you将您的Google Analytics实现迁移到Google标记管理器to give you the full benefits of an agile and flexible tag management platform. Once you have installed Google Analytics you will need to set it up and this articletakes you through the basics。对于此处使用的报告是12令人敬畏的定制Google Analytics由专家创建的报告。在建立常见的错误中,谷歌分析看到这个优秀的分析post by Natalie Henley

这free version of Google Analytics offers most features that smaller organisations need and implementation is simple and quick. It uses sampled data when you have over one million unique dimension combinations in standard reports, or more than 500,000 for special queries, such as in custom reports.

Google Analytics 360.是六种申请的新企业套件,旨在直接挑战Adobe的营销云。它结合了Google Analyics Premium(现在被称为Google Analytics 360.) and Attribution 360 (previouslyAdometry) which it acquired in 2014. You will also get access to an enterprise version of Google Tag Manager.

它可以让您访问Audience Center 360,这是一个数据管理平台,与谷歌自己的工具(包括DoubleClick)集成,并将从第三方工具获取数据。特别令人感兴趣的是datastudio360的加入,它提供了高级的数据可视化和分析解决方案。这是由beyquery.– Google’s data analytics platform. This provides a native report building option for Google Analytics 360 with all the features of Google Docs (e.g sharing & multi-user editing).

最后,优化360是一个全新的A / B测试和个性化工具,包括可视编辑器界面,以符合其他领先的A / B测试解决方案。优化是免费版本,允许您在任何时候运行3 A / B测试。

Google Analytics主页图片


一个实时的Web分析工具,可以为您提供洞察和访问单个用户级。一个现代和直观的用户界面戈萨克莱德提供业务和企业解决方案,以及一个自由version for the small entrepreneur.

Go Squared analytics homepage image

10.堆分析:一个独特的实时Web Analytics工具,不需要将任何代码用于设置事件跟踪。事件可视化器允许您通过自己执行操作来定义分析事件,因此组织中的任何人都可以在几秒钟内设置转换漏斗或保留报告。您还可以搜索单个用户以查看他们所做的每一个操作或基于特定行为找到用户。


A free plan is available for up to 5,000 sessions a month or up to 50,000 sessions per month if you add their badge to your website. A 14 day free trial is available for the Custom Plan.

11.IBM Digital Analytics(formerly Coremetrics) is part ofIBM企业营销管理:


您可以扩展IBM Digital Analytics解决方案,以包括多个站点,脱机客户行为,广告相关性,印象归因和社交媒体渠道。

IBM Digital Analytics主页图像


A highly recommended and powerful web analytics tool and digital marketing optimisation platform. The solution has three key advantages over traditional web analytics tools. It allows for flexible custom data with an easy to use API, it focuses on individual users and it tracks user behaviour on a multi-session basis.

By tracking user behaviour on a multi-session basis, and by aliasing anonymous cookie data with identifying information, (e.g. email address),Kissmetrics双打作为客户数据库。您可以收集详细的购买信息并分析其与您的行为分析数据相关的方式。这提供了随着时间的推移与您网站的个人互动的全面观点。这使得它成为市场上最独特的网络分析工具之一。




A comprehensive real-time web and conversion analytics tool. Now with a Free tool –是我的网站坏了,这将向您展示您的谷歌分析数据如何与行业标准相匹配。它提供了一系列计划,包括企业解决方案。30天免费试用可用和60天退款保证。

Maxly Analytics主页图像


这是技术上是市场上最先进的网络分析工具之一。它优于Google Analytics,用于行为跟踪,非常适合以内容为中心的网站。它与电子商务网站不如效力。

It is easy to create funnels on Mixpanel and to visualise them in the user interface. It also allows you to segment users based upon source of traffic or other characteristics (e.g. city) and how they interact with your site. The Explore feature enables you to create profiles for individual users which can be very useful for assisting Customer Services in supporting existing users.

Due to the complexity of the solution it requires a dedicated analyst who can manage it on a daily basis to fully understand the tool and ensure it is set up correctly to measure all your key metrics. To fully integrate API tracking within the solution also needs a fair amount of technical knowledge. It also requires frequent integration with your website if it has to measure specific events or you regularly update or release new features.

Image of Mixpanel.com homepage


A self-hosted, open-source自由Web Analytics.platform. Matomo is a comprehensive web analytics tool but unlike many packages, there is no limit to the amount of data you can store for free. It also has a mobile app. Because it is held on your own server you own the data and can integrate easily with your own internal systems.


16。oribi:A more advanced alternative to Google Analytics which offers insights without the grind required with GA. It automatically tracks all button click and pageview without any need for developer resource.


一个完全集成和强大的企业Web分析工具,包括分析,分段,测试,定位和重新营销。跟踪用户段,购买Funnels,情景,退出和反弹率的优秀工具。该解决方案与第三方数据集成,包括App Stores,Twitter,Facebook和YouTube。WebTrends Analytics提供:

  • 无限数据集合
  • Multi-channel measurement across social, mobile, web and SharePoint
  • Configurable digital dashboards
  • 标准和定制分析报告
  • 广泛的数据导出
  • Custom and calculated metrics
  • 无限制维度的即席数据探索

Image of Webtrends.com homepage


Real-time tracking of customer activity across multiple channels including web, apps and emails. It provides a comprehensive profile for every user, customisable segmentation, funnels, retention and automated driven actions. A自由version is available.

Woopra Analytics主页图像


Web analytics tools are critical to get visibility of what content your visitors are engaging with and to better understand visitor behaviour when they land on your site. For start-ups get yourself Google Analytics as this is a free and very comprehensive solution that will meet most needs. Other solutions often provide free trial periods and so if you are looking for more advanced web analytics tools there are plenty to choose from without having to commit to a major investment.


  • About the author:Neal provides digital marketing optimisation consultancy services and has worked for brands such asdeezer.com., Foxybingo.com,Very.co.uk,partypoker.com和bgo.com。他使用各种技术,包括网络分析,角色,客户旅程分析和客户反馈,以提高网站的转换率。

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