GA4 funnel analysis report

Why Google Analytics 4?

Google Analytics 4 is Google’s next generation web analytics platform which utilises the power of machine learning to provide more valuable insights about web and app users. It’s not a direct replacement to the old Google Analytics (Universal Analytics) because it allows you to track users on both websites and apps within the same GA property. It also an event based-platform rather than being built around page views.

If you decide to升级到Google Analytics 4, Google recommend you retain your existing Universal Analytics (UA) property because they are complementary platforms. GA4 also lacks some features, such as views and integration with Search Console, which mean UA can still offer many valuable insights.


What are the benefits of Google Analytics 4?

Web analytics is about improving your understanding of how visitors use and interact with your website or app, and identifying ways to increase yourconversion rate. Google Analytics 4 helps you achieve these aims because:

      • 它是一个event-based system, which means that it can be configured to measure any type of interaction on your website or app, including clicks, scrolling, viewing of videos and much more.
      • Machine learning allows GA4 to automatically alert you to new trends and behaviours by processing data over time.
      • 使用AI还使GA4能够实现create predictive audienceswhich uses machine learning to calculate the probability of individual users purchasing or churning in the near future. These audiences can be used with Google Ads to create remarketing and re-engagement campaigns to improve your conversion rate.
      • GA4是一个跨设备解决方案which means it can measure users as they move between mobile and desktop. It uses multiple unique identifiers including user IDs, and unique Google Signals from users who agree to ad personalisation.
      • The solution provides for greater integration with Google products because it tracks users across app and web. This means it can measure conversions from YouTube engaged users whether they are in-app or on a website.
      • The Explorer report replaced the custom report in UA and provides for a dynamic table format with many innovative features. This includes highlighting where the metric in a cell is higher compared to other rows of the same dimension.
      • Google is focussing all its future development resource for web analytics into Google Analytics 4. This means UA will not be improved or changed in any beneficial way. Whether you like it or not, GA4 is the future of app and website tracking for Google.
      • 使用GA4,您可以使用bigquery连接免费。这意味着您可以在没有Google Analytics的局限性的情况下导出未夹杂的原始数据并分析它。这允许您分段您的受众并设置目标广告。

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