Building automated reports from Google Analytics

Implementing Google Analytics:

垃圾进入,垃​​圾出来适用于各种数据,包括Web分析。与任何工具一样,Google Analytics需要设置,并配置以准确地提供报告和见解。使用GA 4,这种情况如此,因为它旨在旨在处理来自Apps和网站的数据。

You can only improve your conversion rate if you can accurately measure it and understand user behaviour. We regularly undertake audits of GA to ensure your web analytics are correctly implemented and configured to provide valuable insights to help you optimise the user experience.

谷歌分析will never be 100% accurate because it’s a behavioural tool. In addition, not all users accept cookie consent policies and some visitors use ad-blockers etc. Some reasons Google Analytics data may not be sufficiently accurate include:

      • 内容安全策略可防止GA和GTM调用相关的API。
      • GA has a limit of 500 hits per session and this can be reached if too many auto-event triggers (e.g. scroll reach) are enabled and journeys are not tracked with individual event tags.
      • 没有排除来自其他环境的内部流量和访问者(例如DEV或UAT)。
      • Reliance on URL changes rather than data layer push for transactional events.
      • Data layer push script does not follow Google’s set format.
      • Too many products are purchased at once. GA has a limit of 8192 bytes (8 kilobytes) for a single request in Universal Analytics.
      • JavaScript errors in the browser can prevent GA from firing. That’s why you should enable error tracking in GTM.
      • Developers don’t ensure scripts only fire once, and so don’t prevent it firing each time a page refreshes.
      • 跟踪代码在用户重定向到另一个页面之前触发。
      • Tracking code has not been implemented on other domains which form part of the user journey, iFrames or embedded applications on the site.
      • You haven’t removed query parameters from your page paths in GA.
      • You haven’t added a trailing slash to all page paths in GA.
      • Sub-domain tracking has not been configured where you are using subdomains.
      • Block known bots has not been enabled in GA.



      • Audit and correcting the configuration of web analytics (e.g. set filters to exclude internal traffic, exclude personally identifiable information, create calculated metrics and set goals).
      • Migrate to Google Tag Manager(GTM)敏捷部署和开发营销标签(例如Facebook Pixel)。GTM允许我们丰富您的GA数据,并最大限度地减少开发人员在跟踪用户行为的过程中的参与。
      • Create and configure key users events (e.g. add to basket & sign up) for accurate reporting of user journeys. This allows us to build sales funnel reports to identify precisely where users drop out of the journey and where barriers to conversion may exist. We use GTM to track all important user events and if required implement增强的电子商务跟踪.
      • 将您的GA帐户链接到Google搜索控制台,以便全面分析您的SEO性能。
      • 为再营销和重新参与活动构建受众,并使其在您的Google广告账户中访问。
      • Configure GTM for advanced analysis (e.g. scroll reach & video plays) and enhanced ecommerce if needed.

将基础知识正确非常重要,因为除此之外,GA不会为基于证据的优化提供所需的见解。我们经常安装其他分析解决方案,如Microsoft Clarity或Hotjar Insights,补充您的Web Analytics平台。这些解决方案提供点击和滚动Heatmaps,以及会话记录,以更好地评估您的用户体验。

Our web analyst is fully accredited by the谷歌分析Academyand holds the Advanced Google Analytics certificate of achievement.

Advanced Google Analytics Certificate

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