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Get the most from Google Tag Manager:

Tag management systems (e.g. Google Tag Manager) enable users to create and configure marketing tags (e.g. the Facebook pixel or Google Analytics scripts) on a single platform. This minimise the number of marketing scripts on your website because they are only fired when pre-set conditions are met (e.g. a visitor lands on your site). Many organisationsmigrate from Google Analytics base code to Google Tag Managerto enable agile tag deployment and improved website performance.

What are the main benefits of using Google Tag Manager? There are many and they include:

    • Manage all tags from a single console and if a tag needs to be updated you don’t have to change the code on every page of your site. Simply update the tag in GTM.
    • GTM allows for scaling up tag deployment across multiple identical sites because you can use the same GTM script for multiple sites if appropriate.
    • GTM有许多auto-event listeners (e.g. scroll reach and element visibility) and templates (e.g. Facebook Pixel) which enable best practice deployment of tracking for user journeys.
    • It enables us to create tags for every important user interaction, often without using scarce developer resource or adding any code to your site. Events can be configured using element IDs, CSS selectors or text on the element.
    • GTM can be deployed across multiple environments (e.g. DEV, UAT and production) and the data sent to separate Google Analytics properties.
    • New tags can be created and tested without being published to your site. GTM has a preview and debug mode which allows for extensive testing of new tags without the need to deploy them to your website and risk disrupting vital functionality.
    • Tags can be configured in GTM to only fire in specific environments or according to complex rules to avoid unnecessary script on your website or app.
    • GTM可以用于快速部署许多其他营销平台,例如会话录制/热图工具和A/B测试软件,而无需在网站上放置任何代码。
    • Workspaces in GTM allow multiple users to work simultaneously to change or create new tags and it prevents conflicting tags from being published.
    • By setting different levels of permissions within GTM, Admins can check and approve changes made by less senior analysts, and only Admins have the authority to publish changes to the live environment.
    • Implement and manage cookie consent policy and ensure no marketing tags are fired until the user accepts the cookie consent call-to-action.

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但是,我们确实与开发人员密切合作implementing enhanced ecommerceand other data layer pushes required for more advanced web analytics tagging. We have extensive experience of implementing GTM on complex elements of a website, such as iFrames, single page applications and embedded applications.

As part of our implementation we will integrate a visual analytics solution of your choice. This is normally微软ClarityHotjar的。这使您能够生成单击/滚动热图并查看会话录制以评估您的用户体验。

我们也是这方面的专家升级到Google Analytics 4通过GTM并为GA4实施活动。这个新平台使用机器学习来提高洞察力,最好通过GTM进行管理。

我们所有的GTM工作都符合CXL研究所and Analytics Mania who provide training and development plans for our team.

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